The Eastwood Ensemble

East Nashville's Community Collaborative Underground Chamber Music Ensemble

Eastwood Christian Church

                                       THANK YOU!

 would like to extend our appreciation to Pastor Jay Hartley and the Eastwood Christian Church for hosting our concerts. What a privilege it has been to perform in such a beautiful sanctuary! 

Church History

    Located in the heart of East Nashville, the Eastwood Christian
Church originated as the Woodland Street Christian Church in 1871. After being destroyed by the great fire in 1916 and again by the tornado of 1930, the present ECC buildings were built in 1933 (Religious Education Building) and 1951 (sanctuary). Currently the church is joyfully growing and enjoying the resurgence of community life in East Nashville. ECC is enjoying wonderful music of the community, growing fellowship, and a vibrant children's ministry (including a wonderful Mother's Day Out Program: Eastwood Christian Children's Center). They continue to be committed to outreach ministries to serve our neighbors.

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